Introducing tabl'eau

The eco-friendly approach to premium waters.
tabl’eau is a provider of state-of-the art water filtration and dispensing systems supplying premium chilled sparkling, still and ambient water to select restaurants, hotels, homes, offices, facilities and events.

How far does your water have to travel?
From award-winning restaurants to environmentaly aware offices, our scalable on-site water systems eliminate the need for traditional packaged waters and their large carbon footprint. We’ve put an end to the need for wasteful packaging, handling, transport, storing and recycling of premium water.

It’s the little things that make a big difference
Whether it's using the world’s most advanced filtration technology, our customisable handmade glacier blue artisan carafes, or our 24 hour help line, we’re a company that truly believes that no detail is ever too small, and no change ever too big.

Why tabl'eau?
Often, doing good for the planet comes with benefits. For our commercial customers, tabl'eau follows a fixed cost business model that allows for virtually unlimited serving of premium filtered water, meaning unlimited savings and limitless profitability.

Won't you join us?
This is your invitation to join us as part of the sea change to a sustainable future, or what we call now. Send us an email or call 1.877.831.0099 to schedule a meeting.

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about tabl'eau

tabl’eau filtered water provides exceptional drinking water while advocating sustainability. tabl’eau enables the purification of source (tap) water using state-of-the-art filtration systems to produce premium quality ambient, chilled, still and sparkling water. The tabl’eau solution facilitates the elimination of bottled water, including the carbon footprint from packaging, transport and recycling of water bottles.

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